In 2008 the Dutch Gambian Business Link was established to improve the relationship between Dutch business entrepreneurs and the Gambian business community. DGBL seeks to promote collaboration between the governments of The Netherlands and The Gambia. One of the methods used is to actively profile the Dutch business enterprises in The Gambia in order to stimulate their growth.


Dear Visitor,

Doing business in The Gambia can be quite a challenge. In order to lower some of the hurdles one may encounter, we think it is of great importance to share our experiences and knowledge. This will increase every one’s expertise.

To achieve this, we collectively gather information in order to clearify the sometimes unclear world of business in The Gambia. We further try to prevent entrepreneurs from making avoidable mistakes. Mistakes made by others can serve as examples and lessons for future investors. Our goal is to help you do business in The Gambia in a correct and responsible way.

This website tells you who we are, what we do, which activities we organize, and what we can do for our members. Should you have any questions after your visit to this site, please do not hesitate then to contact the secretariat.

Best regards,

Marc Van Maldegem
Chairperson DGBL


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