During the initial meeting in March 2008, the ambassador set out a number of possible objectives:

    1. DGBL should represent the interests of Dutch businesses with the Gambian government (as spokesperson);
    2. Promote sharing of information between Gambians and the Dutch community;
    3. Provide clear information about the rules and laws involved in setting up business in The Gambia;
    4. Promote communication between Dutch nationals and the Flemish speaking community.

The objectives were approved and ultimately incorporated in the articles of DGBL as follow:

    1. The main objective of DGBL is to encourage increased communication and contact between Dutch companies and entrepreneurs in The Gambia, the Dutch community and the Gambian business community, and also with the Dutch and Gambian government. The organization is a neutral entity with no religious, political or commercial objectives. It operates on a non-profit basis. It strives not only to increase the success of the various companies but also the country as a whole. DGBL wants to intensify the economic activities of its member companies. The Dutch character of the companies and their representation are priority.

    2. To achieve this:
      a) Monthly meetings are under taken (not in July and August). A minimum of 3 such meetings have a specific subject or theme, or a guest speaker. One meeting is held with a representative from the embassy in Dakar.
      b) The remaining meetings are less formal and have as main goals to serve as a platform, strengthen the network, and exchange and verify information.
      c) Close contact is maintained with authorities such as Agentschap NL of  the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the various Gambian authorities.;
      d) Activities are organised to promote positive and constructive exposure of the Dutch entrepreneurs in The Gambia.

Furthermore, DGBL has set itself the target of actively supporting new potential investors and/or businesses in order to increase their chance of success. This is achieved by sharing knowledge and information in all relevant fields.

Dutch Gambian Business Link