Dutch Gambian Business Link (DGBL) is an organisation of Dutch entrepreneurs in The Gambia. The initiative for creating this organisation erupted during a meeting between two Dutch business people in 2006. Josée Soppe (PUM) and Hans Noteboom (Gamsolar) took the first steps to the formation of DGBL. Once the plan was put on paper it was presented to the Dutch Embassy in Dakar, Senegal. Ambassador Jansing and secretary Tanja Gongrijp welcomed the initiative and actively supported the formation of DGBL.

On the 20th of March 2008 a lunch was held at Kombo Beach Hotel where the majority of Dutch business people were invited. Ambassador Jansing explained the goals of DGBL and the necessity for a Dutch Gambian Business Link. The large turnout showed that the initiative had taken momentum.

A board was elected: Claudette Sarr-Krook chairperson, Josée Soppe secretary, and Franc Schalken treasurer. Currently DGBL is an integral part of the Gambian business community and it is officially registered with its articles and house rules. A number of goals were set: monthly meetings where members discuss current affairs and gather information on developments in the business community. In addition, regular invitations of guest speakers to address specific topics,and visits to companies. Furthermore, DGBL has to organise activities to profile itself and to contribute to the development of The Gambia.

The board currently consists of five members who are appointed for a period of three years.

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