Kelly Smeets

My Farm

Africa Startup (Gambia) is a charitable foundation based in Norway with the mission to improve livelihoods in The Gambia through education in agricultural innovation, environmental protection and entrepreneurism.

At its inception in 2008, the focus was on infrastructure projects and business start-ups, encouraging and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit. However,it was soon realised that the root of the problem lay largely in a lack of basic education and innovative thinking. As a result, the focus has moved to establishing two major projects, MyFarm and MyProduce:

This one hectare farm is a residential education centre for children, young people and farmers, providing an exciting educational journey from seed to business, acknowledging the importance of independent food security in an ever-more unpredictable global environment.

Christiane van Wetter

Villa Calliandra

We welcome you in our small, exclusive B & B in a family environment and this begins already at the airport where we can pick you up (option).
Villa Calliandra is located in a quiet area, but not far from the beach and the tourist area with his hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops.
Our four rooms have all a private bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. The family room/suite has also a bad. All rooms have a fan and flyscreens and most of the rooms have air conditioning (option).
In the common room you can watch TV or a DVD, listen to music, read a book from our small library, or use the computer. WIFI available for free.
A lot of the furniture is hand made of local material like palmtree or bamboo.
The continental buffet breakfast can be inside in the dining room or on the terrace near the pool. The juices and homemade cake and jam are delicious. We uses as much as possible local products.
The outside kitchen is available for selfcatering for a small lunch or dinner.

On the terrace is a gym where you can work on your fitness.
Do you not want to go to the beach or lie near the pool, then we can give  you many tips for visiting the region. You also can hire bicycles to explore the environment.

Henriette Sonko

PUM Lokale Vertegenwoordiger

Henriette Brummer-Sonko


Onze visie is een wereld waarin ondernemerschap de drijvende kracht is achter duurzame ontwikkeling.

Wij zien MKB’s als de ruggengraat van duurzame economische ontwikkeling en als katalysator van innovatie, het creëren van banen en groei. MKB’s genereren niet alleen economische winst, maar leveren ook een belangrijke bijdrage aan het oplossen van sociale problemen en ontwikkelingsvraagstukken, zoals armoede, onzekere voedelvoorziening, genderongelijkheid en achterstelling. En zij stimuleren de groei van een groene economie.

Het is onze missie om kennis te delen voor bloeiende bedrijven en betere levensomstandigheden.

Annemieke de Koning

Lamin Health Centre is a general hospital offering good health care and dental services.

Hans Noteboom

GAM-Solar Energy & Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in May 1998. Since our establishment we have grown to become the biggest solar company of The Gambia. Our Work experienced with notable institutions and  communities from different parts of the country, has given us the trust of our customers.

The company’s activities are in the following areas:

  • Photo-Voltaic (PV) solar power systems,
  • Solar water pumping and irrigation systems,
  • Battery bank backup systems,
  • Energy efficiency LED lights,
  • Solar street lights,
  • Solar Water Heating systems,

Design, maintenance and repairs of solar systems, solar modules, inverters, charge controllers, solar pumps and deep-cycle solar batteries

Andre van Klaarbergen

Flevo Trading was established in the year 1998, first known as dealer in spare parts, repair, maintenance of vehicles, selling engines used cars and equipment from Europe. Over the years we understood the importance of water and how people were desperate for this daily need for domestic use in their houses, especially in areas were NAWEC and other water providers could not reach to provide water supply facilities.

We invest into water well drilling and participate in the construction of boreholes by using the direct rotary drilling technique.

Over the years we maintained to satisfy our customers.

The boreholes drilled are guaranteed for five years and two years for any pumping unit supplied and installed. Support for after sale services are also provided from our own workshop.

To continue to keep our customers satisfied, we decided to expand capacity both in term of equipment and personnel. A reconditioned drilling machine capable of drilling deep holes in both the direct and reverse circulation technique coupled up with trained and well experience engineers and technicians is in place.

We are in the field building solar backup installations, water irrigation projects and hand pumps. We also supply all necessary materials for drilling boreholes to local contractors.

The Sun is an everlasting source of energy. In order to use this energy, the Flevo Trading Ltd. uses Photovoltaic modules which are placed in direct sunlight. These modules convert sunlight, with the use of semi-conductors, into DC power. With an inverter the energy can be supplied to the energy network (grid connected) or could be used for own consumption (Standalone system).

Berend Landstra

Woodies Bar & Restaurant – The Dutch bar and Restaurant of The Gambia.
Located close to hotels like Djembe, Djeliba, Balafon and Bamboo Garden and open daily for lunch and dinner, with Dutch and other specialities.

Claudette Sarr – Krook

Care for Natural / Mama Helens Produce

Stichting Care for Natural heeft inmiddels al 10 jaar een stuk bos dat aangeplant en beschermd wordt. Daarnaast is er een trainingscentrum waar lokale natuurproducten zoals vruchten, kruiden en noten verwerkt worden tot eindproducten. Daarvan maken we onder andere jam, sappen, pindapasta’s en oliën. In het bedrijf en trainingscentrum leren vrouwen hoe zij natuurproducten kunnen conserveren door drogen, koken en wekken. Hierdoor leren ze onder andere hoe oliën te maken. De oliën vormen samen met bijenwas de basis voor geneeskrachtige zalven. Zo heeft de Stichting Care for Natural een test-aloe veraplantage. Uit de Aloë Veraplanten vervaardigt men drankjes en producten voor de huid. Zo worden onder andere in een eigen kliniekje baby’s en kindjes met brandwonden en oogbeschadigingen zeer succesvol behandeld.

Muhammed Sumbunu



Responsible for planning, directing and overseeing the operations and fiscal health of a business operating unit of Zetes Gambia. Zetes specialises in developing and implementing complete solutions for collecting personal identity information, producing ID documents, storing and reproducing identification data.

Zetes PASS provides public authorities and supranational institutions with secure solutions to correctly authenticate their population and comply with the highest international requirements for the issuance of secure ID and travel documents and the organisation of democratic elections. We have over 15 years’ experience implementing sensitive projects for governments and supra-national organisations. Reliability is one of the key  characteristics of our solutions, as well as  our organisational flexibility and ability to execute. This approach allows us to give the best guarantees for citizens to prove who they are and exercise their democratic rights.

Zetes PASS is part of the Zetes Group, a multinational specialised in identification & mobility solutions. Connecting what matters is at the heart of our business: physical movements and digital flows, our customers and their critical data, but also consumers and corporations, citizens and governments. By using the most innovative technologies, we allow our customers to improve speed, quality, and accuracy in order to be on the leading edge of their industry. This has made us a pioneering leader in our market.