Andre van Klaarbergen

Flevo Trading was established in the year 1998, first known as dealer in spare parts, repair, maintenance of vehicles, selling engines used cars and equipment from Europe. Over the years we understood the importance of water and how people were desperate for this daily need for domestic use in their houses, especially in areas were NAWEC and other water providers could not reach to provide water supply facilities.

We invest into water well drilling and participate in the construction of boreholes by using the direct rotary drilling technique.

Over the years we maintained to satisfy our customers.

The boreholes drilled are guaranteed for five years and two years for any pumping unit supplied and installed. Support for after sale services are also provided from our own workshop.

To continue to keep our customers satisfied, we decided to expand capacity both in term of equipment and personnel. A reconditioned drilling machine capable of drilling deep holes in both the direct and reverse circulation technique coupled up with trained and well experience engineers and technicians is in place.

We are in the field building solar backup installations, water irrigation projects and hand pumps. We also supply all necessary materials for drilling boreholes to local contractors.

The Sun is an everlasting source of energy. In order to use this energy, the Flevo Trading Ltd. uses Photovoltaic modules which are placed in direct sunlight. These modules convert sunlight, with the use of semi-conductors, into DC power. With an inverter the energy can be supplied to the energy network (grid connected) or could be used for own consumption (Standalone system).